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  "The United States Classic Racing Association runs a series of major classic racing events each year:  the US Vintage GP, Big Fish Little Pond Endurance Race, FIM Bike Week, Vintage Celebration, and the Granite State Championship.  Each one of these events has as developed over the years to become their own spectacular events.  Bob Coy,  his team of race directors and event staff have brought new life to an old sport with growing enthusiasm and excitement.

 It the 2013 season we are proud to say we have advance our P4 Racing classes.  Doug Donelan has put together a machines chart to show the new bikes allowed in these classes.  See the rules book for more information about the classes and where your bike can run, so have fun and ride hard...

May 19 2014

We are just over two months away from the season opener on May 19th. Registration forms and a tentative schedule for the 2014 USVGP will be going out tomorrow to give everyone plenty of time to register.
Special thanks to Marvin Emerson for the fantastic photography. — with Ellen Yampolsky.
Below is the registrations form (and tentative schedule) for the 2014 USVGP on May 19th and NHMS. Just under two months until the season opener, and there's still plenty of time to get you rides ready.
ATTENTION IN THE PADDOCK: There will be an EXTREMELY limited number of t-shirts and posters available for purchase at the USVGP on May 19th. Don't miss out!

Have you renewed your membership yet? Download the renewal form here or the New Membership Application to get started in the USCRA.  We are also offering an AMA Temporary memberships. To find out more about the AMA memberships contact

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  • US Vintage GP

    NHMS - May 19, 2014
    Race School 18th-19th

    Kicking of 2013 with the first USCRA Vintage Road Racing event, the US Vintage GP will set the stage for an exciting new summer at NHMS.  Come to race or come to watch.  Get your pit pass and meet the racers.  Talk with some of the best race teams in vintage racing today.  For more information about the USCRA contact us today.  We will also hold the USCRA School. Click Here for details.

  • USCRA Race School

    May 18-19th, 2014

    Get your race on with the USCRA. let us get you into vintage racing. do get your vintage Motorcycle ready to race. to find everything you need to know to get started, Click Here. The only place you will race "Where Vintage Never Gets Old".

  • FIM  Event

    NHMS - June 14-15, 2014
    Race School June 14th-15th
    Big Fish little Pond Endurance Race

    Laconia, NH has been the hot spot for motorcycle events since 1916.  These are  the oldest motorcycle events in the country, events  like the Gypsy Tour, Streets of Laconia,  and motorcycle road racing to name a few.  The USCRA will once again put a mark in history with the FIM sanctioned event.  If you would like to watch the race or take a lap on the track contact us and we will get you started...

  • Granite State Championship

    NHMS - September 1, 2014
    The grand daddy of them all.  The  finale to a great racing season is the  Granite State Championship.  Who will be crowned class champion in 2013?  Take a walk in the pits to watch your season rider pull for this place in history..


  • Big Fish

    Endurance Race: June 14th
    This 3 hour Big Fish, Little Pond Endurance Race is a growing event in the USCRA.  Competitors from all over the US are entering this event.  This is a  fantastic  run not only for motorcycle agility but it also tests the limits of the riders and builds the strength of the team.  So build your endurance race team in the USCRA today...

  • MotoGiro-East

    May 2rd-4th, 2014
    Once again the Boughton brothers are putting together some great roads for the Spring 2013 event.  Back to western Mass for another ride in the country side.  For more information on the MotoGiro-East, South or USA Click here

  • MotoGiro-USA

    September 26th-28rd, 2014
    If you are looking for a great New England Fall ride, this is what you're looking for.  Come to Maine with us this fall and bring your 1968 or earlier, 305cc or smaller motorcycle, scooter, or sidecar.  You can join many others from around the world as they assemble for this annual event.  Click here to find out more...

  • Pewter Run

    October 5th, 2014
    The Pewter Run is back better then ever for the 2014 season. We will reassemble in Meredith, NH at the The American Police Motorcycle Museum where you will find some of the most amazing vintage motorcycles and sidecars ever displayed.  So visit for the updates for the 2014 Pewter Run event.